Only 6 km far from Belgrade center, on the cross of two very important european E rutes – E75 and E70, widespreadedon  55.000m2, Belmax Center opens its doors for You.

With two different roads coming from both highways and joining in one main entrance, between trees and pure nature, almost 150 companies are located in one place – unique center specialized for fashion goods trade – Belmax Center. Built in year 2007, with futuristic idea of making something different in this part of Europe, it’s been identified as one of the biggest wholesale centers in Europe.


With succesfull history and experience in international and domestic trading, Belmax Center and it's companies can offer many good and important things to small and big traders. Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Montenegro and many other neighbouring countries are just an example of fashion trading network developed  from products which come fromBelmax Center.

Clothes, shoes and accessorize, as main product categories are being distributed through international retail network which counts more than 2000 distributors and 10000 shops. Domestic  products such as jeans, jackets, dresses, shoes, bags and other textile products found it’s place all over the Europe and more than 300 different brands proved that they are very competitive to world known fashion brands coming from Italy, France, USA etc.

Important message for any trader is that Belmax Center must be a place to visit because it was made carefully in order to provide full service in this field of business and very easy access to trade market.

In very short tour organized by professional team which will take You through the center and provide all important information and give full support, every world fashion trader will easily meet proper company to cooperate with. After main agreements between associates, position of center combined with logistic servicewill make operational part easy and simplified. Bookkeeping, freightage, 850 free parking places, small distance from airport, hotels nearby etc are different important services available in Belmax Center and its close enviroment.Well organized showrooms with stock, parking places and easy access for vehicles are positioned in eleven different buildings with streets between what allows smooth passage through center for all visitors. Also, center is reachable by car, city bus and train.

Still, Belmax Center is constantly developing and has to offer space for new companies in any moment.
Expectations in 2018 are growth of showroom area and number of companies. With all advantages and low rent price and management fee we think we are in this moment the best opportunity in region for all companies who want to be in the focus of wholesale business – says director of Belmax Center.

Autoput 20 Zemun, Belgrade, Serbia

Tel:+381 63215785

Add:Autoput 20 Zemun, Belgrade, Serbia